The Best Smart Devices for Seniors

Smart devices are changing the way that people that live at every age, but they can be especially helpful for seniors. Seniors that want to remain in their own homes have options now that make it possible for them to do that safely when they use smart devices that can be controlled by voice or from apps on a phone. Smart devices make it possible for seniors to tap into the power of technology in an easy way that doesn’t require a computer or require them to learn complicated technology. With voice control and app-controlled smart devices, seniors can stay in their own homes if they wish. Some of the best smart devices for seniors include:

Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors eliminate a common problem that seniors face. When smoke alarms go off or when their batteries need changing it can be difficult for seniors, especially those with balance and mobility problems, to take care of the maintenance that the smoke detector needs or turn it off if it goes off because of cooking smoke or another similar problem. But smart smoke detectors are a lot easier to use and can be reset just by hitting on a button on an app on a cell phone or tablet.

Smart Cleaning Devices

As seniors get older they can have a hard time keeping up with cleaning chores. Even turning the buttons on the washer and dryer can be difficult for seniors that have arthritis or tremors in their hands. But smart appliances are easy for seniors to use. Syncing a smart cleaning device like a Roomba vacuum or a version of the Roomba that also mops floors means that seniors can take care of physically difficult chores like vacuuming and mopping just by telling the vacuum or mop to start or pressing a button. And with smart washers and dryers seniors can control the cycles with apps instead of having to worry about turning dials or reading the small print on the machines.

Safety Devices

Smart safety devices are the key to keeping seniors safe at home. The biggest benefit of modern smart safety devices is that they can be viewed with an app. So a senior’s loved ones like their children or relatives can put the app on their phone. Sign into the senior’s account see for themselves if the seniors are alright at any given point in time. Smart cameras, fall detection devices, and other smart safety devices allow seniors to stay safely at home. Because their loved ones can keep an eye on them even from far away. We installed smart safety devices for my mother in law. When she had a fall at home and couldn’t reach the phone she just called out to Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa called us to tell us that my mother in law had fallen. Alexa also summoned paramedics who got there before we could. Smart devices are a game changer for seniors that want to live alone.

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Jay Langer
Jay Langer