The Battle Between the Best Virtual Assistant: Siri VS Google Assistant

When it comes to technology, it can’t be helped to face brand’s between themselves and find out which one outdoes the other. And this holds true for the best virtual assistant of today. Is it Siri or Google Assistant? If you’ve never had any experience using them but plan on getting one for yourself, then you should definitely read this face-off between two of the best AI voice assistants right now, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant.

So, which virtual assistant is better? Let’s find out.

Siri Versus Google Assistant

To know which between Siri and Google Assistant is better, let us discuss each of them according to functionality.

  • Which virtual assistant is available in which mobile devices?

Siri: Nearly any Apple device including laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Google Assistant: Available on all Android and iOS devices as well as on Chromebooks.

  • Set-up. How easy is it to start using one?

Siri and Google Assistant: Basically the same when it comes to set-up time, not requiring more than 45 seconds for initial access. And they are both completely intuitive.

  • Voice recognition. How are these assistants when it comes to recognizing words in different environments?

Siri: Understand perfectly well when you are close to the device and the room is quiet. But when there are sounds playing, Siri can no longer hear your commands.

Google Assistant: Just like Siri, the Assistant can easily recognize your words when it’s quiet.                When there are other sounds, you need to speak up and literally shout just to be heard.

  • Intelligence a.k.a. ability to understand context.

When told “I need help finding a restaurant,”

Siri: Gave instructions on how to find a restaurant, literally.

Google Assistant: Showed actual restaurants nearby.

There is no perfect virtual assistant, yet. But from the tests done between Siri and Google Assistant, I would say Google bested Apple.

On a lighter tone, there are fun things to ask Google Assistant just to make your relationship with it a cheerful one. You only need to ask. Try asking for a joke, for instance. You’ll definitely get a laugh.

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Jay Langer
Jay Langer