Is Siri Spying On You?

As more and more information about what data companies are collecting from consumers using AI devices comes out people are growing increasingly worried about their privacy. iPhone users are worried that Siri, is listening to their conversations. Should you be concerned about Siri listening in if you have an iPhone?

What Apple Says

According to Apple no, you have no reason to be concerned. Siri only listens if you use a wake word or phrase, like saying “Hey Siri”. When the AI interface picks out those particular words it will wake up and pay attention to what you’re saying. But Apple says that unless you say the wake phrase that Siri isn’t listening to you. Apple does collect data from your phone but is pretty good about randomizing information and not having it tied to an identifiable user. Information that is shared on and from your cell phone is usually pretty safe.

Siri is on every device

According to privacy experts what you really need to be concerned about if you’re worried about your privacy through your cell phone is the apps that you use, as evidenced by events in the past. The apps that you use often have obscure terms of service that consumers don’t read through carefully. And once you have accepted the Terms of Service and clicked on install your data is fair game and you just agreed to let the app scrape your data.

Always Read The Terms Of Service

That’s one of the many reasons why you should always read the terms of service. Everything you need to know about is right there in the application. And companies are counting on the fact that you’re not going to read the terms all the way through. That way they can collect and monetize your data and there’s nothing you can do about it once you have agreed to the terms of service.

To avoid fraud this and to be more proactive about what data you give away through your cell phone. You should be very careful when you install new apps on your phone. Only used apps that you trust. You might be surprised at how much of your data you are agreeing to give these app companies. You need to be just as careful with your privacy on mobile phones as you are on social media platforms.

Jay Langer
Jay Langer