Holiday Party Tech To Make Family Holiday Gatherings Fun

All the holiday party and get-togethers are just around the corner. Now is the time to start planning events and entertainment that will make your holiday parties stand out and make sure that your friends and family members have a great time. Luckily there are some fun technology-based gadgets and party tech that will make it easy to create a holiday party.

D-Vine Smart Wine Bar

This smart wine bar will automatically adjust temperatures for each different type of wine that you are serving to make sure that all of the wine you are offering your guests is served at the perfect temperature. It also can suggest pairings that will help make sure that a picky friend or family member can find that perfect glass. And when the wine is taken care of you with this smart wine bar you can focus on specialty cocktails or craft beer.

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Having A Wine Bar Will Improve Any Party

SEMPLI Cupa Balancing Glasses

If you are planning on having a lot of people over these SEMPLI Cupa balancing shot glasses and wine glasses will pay for themselves in no time. They are designed to be tip proof so that no matter where your guests set them down they won’t get knocked over. No wine on the carpet, no whiskey on the couch. If you want to make sure that your home isn’t going to end up smelling like stale alcohol from an unseen spill you need to have these glasses as part of your holiday barware. They also will ensure that kids don’t spill sodas or non-alcoholic cocktails or juices in the rec room or in the family media room at parties and at sleepovers and other events.

Wine Glass Appetizer Plates

These nifty little bamboo plates are perfect for any décor and any party theme. They are designed to fit perfectly and balance over a wine glass so that your guests can keep their appetizers and their drink in one hand. That way they can shake hands, give hugs, and actually eat their appetizers without worrying about how to balance a glass and a plate and still enjoy the party. If your guests prefer to mingle or if you have a large home and guests will be wandering around rather than sitting down through most of the party these cute little plates make it a lot less awkward for your guests to enjoy their food and drinks.

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Who Doesn’t Want An Amazon Echo At Their Party

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a must have for holiday party season. You can make mixes of holiday songs, play Christmas carols, do karaoke, get advice on how to make particular drinks with Alexa. And have a party planner backup who can deliver the right music and other details to make your party special. Alexa can also send or read text messages that you have received. She can probably even spy on other text messages using software from the website Safeguarde. These smart holiday lights to decorate and control them with your voice through the Amazon Echo so that you can change your holiday lights often throughout the party.

Jay Langer
Jay Langer