4 Ways We Use Smart Tech to Give Us More Family Time

The one thing that it seems like there is never enough for us, and for most families, is time. By the time my husband and I finish our days at work and then shuffle the kids to their activities and then deal with dinner and homework and getting ready for the next day it seems like there is no time for us to spend as a family. One day I passed my husband when I was pulling into the driveway with my oldest son, coming home from soccer, and my husband and youngest son were pulling out on their way to my youngest son’s swimming lesson and I realized we hadn’t eaten a meal together in over a week. I decided that we had to find a way to start carving out some family time without giving up any activities. So I started doing some research. And I invested in some smart tech to help us reclaim some family time. Here’s what I did:

I Quit Grocery Shopping

I know there are some parents that like grocery shopping because it gives them a chance to get some time to themselves. But I am not one of those parents. I hate grocery shopping. And there were days when if I hadn’t had a family to feed I would have just not eaten dinner rather than face going to the store after working a ten hour day and then dealing with the chaos of a family evening. So I quit. Now I use Instacart and it has freed up about twelve hours a week for me. Twelve hours. That’s time I can spend with my family now.

I Got A Home Dry Cleaning Machine

This isn’t that stuff that throw you in the dryer that is supposed to dry clean your clothes. It’s an actual dry cleaning machine like they use in the dry cleaners but it’s designed for home use and can be controlled with an app. It saves us money and more importantly it saves us time. No more rushing to get to the dry cleaner before they close at 5 PM.

I Bought Smart Appliances

I’ll admit that the smart appliances were expensive and probably aren’t in the budget for all families. But, for us it was totally worth it. I can preheat the oven while I’m driving home from the office and I can start cooking dinner while I’m picking my daughter at volleyball or my son at soccer. By the time we get home dinner is ready and we can sit down as a family.

I Got An Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is something we use so many times a day I don’t know how we ever got by without it. But it gives us family time because we can all hang out in the family room listening to podcasts while I work and the kids do their homework and their dad tinkers with models or puzzles.

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Jay Langer
Jay Langer