The Best Smart Devices for Seniors

Smart devices are changing the way that people that live at every age, but they can be especially helpful for seniors. Seniors that want to remain in their own homes have options now that make it possible for them to do that safely when they use smart devices that can […]

Top-Rated 5G Smartphones Coming in 2019

The new trend in smartphones that are going to be launched in 2019 is the transition from 4G or LTE to 5G. It is true that 2018 has offered us the most advanced technology in smartphones but it doesn’t end there. At this point, it’s hard to believe that technology […]

The Battle Between the Best Virtual Assistant: Siri VS Google Assistant

When it comes to technology, it can’t be helped to face brand’s between themselves and find out which one outdoes the other. And this holds true for the best virtual assistant of today. Is it Siri or Google Assistant? If you’ve never had any experience using them but plan on […]

4 Ways We Use Smart Tech to Give Us More Family Time

The one thing that it seems like there is never enough for us, and for most families, is time. By the time my husband and I finish our days at work and then shuffle the kids to their activities and then deal with dinner and homework and getting ready for […]

Holiday Party Tech To Make Family Holiday Gatherings Fun

All the holiday party and get-togethers are just around the corner. Now is the time to start planning events and entertainment that will make your holiday parties stand out and make sure that your friends and family members have a great time. Luckily there are some fun technology-based gadgets and […]

Is Siri Spying On You?

As more and more information about what data companies are collecting from consumers using AI devices comes out people are growing increasingly worried about their privacy. iPhone users are worried that Siri, is listening to their conversations. Should you be concerned about Siri listening in if you have an iPhone? […]